Are you attending a party this Halloween season and looking for a little help with your costume? Or maybe you just want to experience the joy that kids feel when they get their faces painted. Either way, Family Friendly Entertainment Services is here to help. We are the leading provider of adult face painting in Lakeland, FL, and we can handle all of face painting needs. Whether you want a face painter for a party or you just need some help putting together a great costume, our talented artists can make your vision a reality.

Here at Family Friendly Entertainment Services, we offer a variety of styles for adults who want to have their faces painted. Our Mardi Gras masks have been a really big hit among adults, as have our sugar skull airbrushed designs for Day of the Dead. While these styles might look incredibly intricate, we can paint them very quickly and efficiently so that everyone has a chance to get their face painted.

In addition to the styles we just mentioned, there are other fancy eye designs we can do while incorporating glitter, Swarovski Crystals and more into the mix. We can also do adult face painting for specific theme or holiday parties. If you need your face painted for a sporting event, we can take care of that as well. We have adult face painting designs for just about any occasion, and we can promise you that you will love your face once you have had it painted by Family Friendly Entertainment Services.

To find out more about the adult face painting services we offer at Family Friendly Entertainment Services, reach out to us at (352) 639-2785 or fill out the form below to receive a custom quote for your next event.

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