• Sick Kid Policy:  Please if your child is sick please don’t wait around in line exposing all the other children.  I cannot paint sick kids or kids with rashes, open sores, crusted noses, snotty noses, pink eye, fevers, broken skin, and the likes.  Please understand I have to adhere to safety and hygiene and not put others or my insurance at risk.  I will not be able to make exceptions to the rule above for everyones greater good.  Your understanding is appreciated.  I will have a sticker for sick kids as long as supplies last; and please only sick kids not everyone.
  • Closing the Line Policy:  An hour before the event ends I will close the que/line to newcomers.  I will then count off the number of kids I can complete before closing and give them a sticker or ticket.  Only the remaining kids with a ticket will get painted.  Newcomers will be told with utmost respect that our line is closed and informed when to look for us again so they can plan ahead not to miss out next time.  I will have a sticker for those being turned away as long as supplies last.
  • Just Paint One More Policy:  It is natural instinct to want to provide for your child we understand that instinct.  Sadly and with the utmost respect once we close our line we cannot paint just one more.  We cannot turn others away and then paint your child; we have to be fair across the board.  Please cooperate with us so we can close down on time and not get penalized for late closing or become late to our next event.
  • Abusive/Disruptive behavior/Cutting in Line Policy:   During our almost 8 years of experience at live events we have encountered a variety of scenarios.  Most pleasant. Occassionally less than pleasant occurs so we had to create policy for those rare moments.  Abusive language up to and including cussing at me or my staff will not be tolerated by anyone, ever, you will be asked to leave.  Disruptive behavior of any kind up to and including fighting or bullying will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.  Cutting in line can often be completely accidental and we will respectfully ask you to go the correct spot in the line to cue up.  Please if something happens in line that needs addressing please call out to me, say Miss Jessica I need and tell me what happened so I can assist.   Just remember the little hearts and little eyes/ears are watching and learning from the example you set for them, so please handle yourself with grace.
  • Touching my supplies or books with the stencils:   Our paints can be colorful and enticing to little ones please keep an eye out so little fingers are not grabbing, poking, touching supplies.  The actual books housing the over 600 stencils are for staff use only please, the stencils can very easily fall out (even on us) and become a source of extreme chaos and distress cause when they do fall out is easily 30 or 100 at a time dropping onto the floor.  Please ask for assistance and we will happily eagerly help you.

FAQ list will be added soon!